Your Benefits Department

Strategic Planning

By understanding your entire business operation, we can apply our expertise to control and reduce the total cost of your human capital. We will develop a customized strategic plan for your organization that defines your objectives and outlines the actions needed. Our strategic planning services ensure an organized, systematic and complete approach to fulfilling your organization’s unique needs.   

Cost Control Resources

Our mission is to help you reduce all costs associated with your human capital, including insurance and productivity costs. We achieve this by providing customized strategic planning, program development, execution and management of cost evaluation, preventive action planning, active communication strategies and tracking support.   

Actuarial and Data Analysis

Based on historical claims data from your carrier, our claims analysis expertise will show how and where to focus our attention. Understanding the claims, enables us to help you implement appropriate cost reduction and prevention measures.   

Legislative Compliance

Our legislative resources and expertise provide you quick answers to tough questions.  We provide you and your staff with the information they need to administer your benefits and other employee programs and guide them through compliance issues. Including assistance with DOL Audits.  

Custom Employee Communications and Education Programs

By understanding the company culture, claims detail and employee behaviors, we are able to customize a communication and education plan to help employees not only understand the benefits they are offered but how to apply and use them.  We focus on how to change to healthy behaviors.  This improves employee empowerment & morale, which leads to increased productivity