Employee Benefit Consulting Services

Strategic Planning


By understanding your entire business operation, we can apply our expertise to control and reduce the total cost of your human capital. We will develop a customized strategic plan for your organization that defines your objectives and outlines the actions needed. Our strategic planning services ensure an organized, systematic and complete approach to fulfilling your organization’s unique needs.   

Employee Benefit & Compensation


Health care management needs, employee benefits plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, claims analysis, bench-marking and developing employee policies and consumer-driven programs.    

We at Emery Benefit Solutions, unlike other employee benefit consulting firms, help our clients develop compensation strategies that are appropriate for each job and level of promotion and legacy within the company. We use tools such as bench marking, and resources like past experiences and employee surveys on an employee website. We help create a benefit package that cultivates and nurtures employee satisfaction and health (physically and financially) as well as attracting new candidates. benefit strategies

Cost Control


Our mission is to help you reduce all costs associated with your human capital, including insurance and productivity costs. We achieve this by providing customized strategic planning, program development, execution and management of cost evaluation, preventive action planning, active communication strategies and tracking support.  

Actuarial and Data Analysis


Based on historical claims data from your carrier, our claims analysis expertise will show how and where to focus our attention. Understanding the claims, enables us to help you implement appropriate cost reduction and prevention measures.  

Legislative Compliance


Running a business today means adhering to federal and state regulations, and many HR professionals find it difficult to keep up. Some for example: Health Care Reform, Labor Laws, Equal Opportunity, Discrimination, Company Policies.  

We thoroughly research topics for our clients providing not only specific advice but also ongoing communication such as Legislative Brief educational articles to help them understand important regulations and stay in compliance. Our materials cover health care reform, FSLA, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, OSHA, state-specific legislation and more.  

 We develop a plan and processes to ensure your responsibilities are being met.  

Employee Policies and Communication


Creating and communicating the standards in which your business operates and ensuring those policies protect you from liabilities.  These are crucial in limiting a company's exposure to risks; from safety issues to lawsuits. On a day to day, that well constructed, consistent and constantly communicated program/process/procedure reduces the potential for long, drawn out disputes, disagreements and misunderstanding which constricts production. A clear, well constructed message creates an environment in which employees understand more thoroughly what is expected, which allows them to know what questions to ask and the security to know it is ok to ask.