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Our Services

Administering your employee benefits requires experience, knowledge, and  time. Our range of services includes delivering you custom solutions for the full cycle of your organizations human relationships needs, including 

Benefits Administration:

Health care management needs, group benefits plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, claims analysis, bench-marking and developing employee policies and consumer-driven programs.  


We at Emery Benefit Solutions help our clients by providing:

  • Plan development
  • Communication pieces 
  • Enrollment meetings
  • Completion of paperwork
  • Claim and billing issue resolution

Legal Compliance:

Our legislative resources and expertise provide you quick answers to tough questions.  We provide you and your staff with the information they need to administer your benefits and other employee programs and guide them through compliance issues. Including assistance with DOL Audits 

We thoroughly research topics for our clients providing not only specific advice but also ongoing communication such as Legislative Brief educational articles to help them understand important regulations and stay in compliance. Our materials cover health care reform, FSLA, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, OSHA, state-specific legislation and more. 

  • COBRA ADMINISTRATION; For those employers with more than 20 employees, COBRA is a required offering to employees and their dependents.  We manage the process and ensure you are in compliance.

Employee Handbooks and other policies:

Creating and communicating the standards in which your business operates and ensuring those policies protect you from liabilities. 


These are crucial in limiting a company's exposure to risks; from safety issues to lawsuits. On a day to day, that well constructed, consistent and constantly communicated program/process/procedure reduces the potential for long, drawn out disputes, disagreements and misunderstanding which constricts production.   A clear, well constructed message creates an environment in which employees understand more thoroughly what is expected, which allows them to know what questions to ask and the security to know it is ok to ask.  

Such policies also assist in creating an environment conducive to increasing productivity.

Custom Employee Communications and Education Programs

By understanding the company culture, claims detail and employee behaviors, we are able to customize a communication and education plan to help employees not only understand the benefits they are offered but how to apply and use them. We focus on how to change to healthy behaviors. 

This improves employee empowerment & morale, which leads to increased productivity  Creation of welcoming plan for new talent to ensure completion of all necessary paperwork and providing a foundation for that individual be successful in his/her new job. As well as how to reduce liabilities when they leave. 

Just as important is developing job and talent portfolios and a recruitment strategy.    

Getting Started:

Contact Emery Benefit Solutions and we will create for you an extensively researched  plan to help your company save money, reduce liability and increase productivity.  This plan, most importantly,  includes an execution strategy.  

Your strategic plan is tailored specifically to your business and its needs.